11 Signs You’re Unofficially Dating & It’s Time To Make A Plan

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In the world of modern romance, the lines between friendship and dating can often become blurred. Navigating the ambiguous territory of unofficial relationships can be both thrilling and confusing. If you find yourself caught in the gray area between platonic and romantic connections, it might be time to assess whether it’s time to take the plunge and make things official. Here are 11 signs that you’re unofficially dating and it’s time to make a plan.

  1. Frequent and Meaningful Communication: If your messages go beyond casual banter and you find yourselves sharing personal thoughts, dreams, and daily experiences regularly, it could be a sign that your connection is deepening.
  2. Quality Time Spent Together: Unofficial couples often spend a significant amount of time together. If your interactions go beyond occasional hangouts and start resembling mini-dates, it’s a clear indication that something more might be brewing.
  3. Emotional Support: When you find yourself turning to this person for support during tough times and vice versa, your relationship has likely moved beyond the realm of casual friendship.
  4. Intimacy: Physical intimacy can be a strong indicator of a deeper connection. If your hugs linger a little longer, or if there’s a subtle shift in the dynamics of your physical interactions, it might be time to address the underlying feelings.
  5. The “What Are We?” Question Looms: If you or your partner have dropped the infamous “What are we?” question, it’s a clear sign that both parties are feeling the need for clarification and definition.
  6. Future Talk: Conversations about the future that involve both of you might indicate that you’re more than just friends. If you find yourselves discussing long-term plans, it’s a good time to address where your relationship is headed.
  7. Exclusive Behaviors: Unofficial couples often exhibit exclusive behaviors, such as introducing each other as more than just friends or participating in activities that are traditionally reserved for couples.
  8. Jealousy Emerges: If either of you starts displaying signs of jealousy when the other talks about potential romantic interests, it could be a sign that deeper feelings are at play.
  9. Consistent Affection: Consistent displays of affection, such as holding hands or sharing tender moments, can be indicative of a romantic connection that’s waiting to be acknowledged.
  10. Shared Interests in the Mundane: When even the most mundane activities become enjoyable when you’re together, it suggests that your connection goes beyond mere friendship.
  11. Unspoken Understanding: Sometimes, it’s not about what’s said but what’s left unspoken. If there’s a palpable understanding between you two, a shared sense of exclusivity, it’s a strong indicator that your relationship is ready for the next step.


Recognizing the signs that you’re unofficially dating is the first step toward clarity and a potential future together. Once you’ve identified these signs, it’s crucial to communicate openly with your partner about your feelings and intentions. Taking the plunge into an official relationship can be both exciting and nerve-wracking, but addressing the situation head-on will bring clarity and, hopefully, lead to a stronger and more committed connection.

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