5 Tips To Update Your Skincare Routine For Autumn

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As the leaves start to change and the air turns crisper, it’s time to adjust your skincare routine to keep your skin healthy and radiant during the fall season. Transitioning from the warmth of summer to the cooler, drier autumn weather requires a few tweaks to your skincare regimen. In this blog post, we’ll explore five essential tips to update your skincare routine for autumn and keep your skin glowing all season long.

Hydration Is Key
With the arrival of autumn, the drop in temperature often comes with lower humidity levels. This can lead to dry and dehydrated skin. To combat this, incorporate hydrating products into your routine. Consider using a richer moisturizer that provides an extra layer of protection. Look for products with hyaluronic acid and glycerin, as they can help your skin retain moisture and stay hydrated throughout the day.

Exfoliate Gently
Exfoliation is an essential step in any skincare routine, but it’s crucial to approach it with care during the fall. The drier air can make your skin more sensitive. Opt for a gentle exfoliator that will remove dead skin cells without causing irritation. Exfoliating two to three times a week can help maintain a healthy and clear complexion.

Don’t Forget Sunscreen
Many people associate sunscreen with summer, but UV rays are present year-round. In fact, the angle of the sun in the autumn can make it even more damaging to your skin. Continue to use sunscreen daily, even during cloudy or overcast days. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful effects.

Switch to Cream-Based Cleansers
As the weather cools down, it’s a good idea to switch from gel-based cleansers to cream-based ones. Cream cleansers are more hydrating and less likely to strip your skin of its natural oils. They are gentle and can help maintain the skin’s moisture balance, which is crucial during the autumn months.

Invest in Serums
Serums are a great addition to your autumn skincare routine. Look for serums containing antioxidants like vitamin C, vitamin E, and ferulic acid. These can help protect your skin from free radicals and environmental damage. Serums can also target specific skin concerns, such as uneven skin tone or fine lines, making them a valuable addition to your regimen.


Transitioning your skincare routine for autumn is all about adapting to the changing weather conditions. As the air becomes cooler and drier, your skin’s needs change. By following these five tips, you can keep your skin well-hydrated, protected, and glowing throughout the fall season. Remember that consistency is key to achieving and maintaining healthy skin, so be patient and give your updated skincare routine time to work its magic.

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