8 Animals That Can Play Musical Instruments

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The world of music and the fascinating realm of animals often intersect in surprising ways. While we may be more accustomed to hearing humans or trained animals like dogs and dolphins perform musical feats, there are some lesser-known creatures that have shown an uncanny ability to play musical instruments. In this blog post, we’ll introduce you to eight remarkable animals that can play musical instruments, showcasing the incredible versatility of nature’s talents.

  1. Snowball the Dancing Cockatoo

Snowball, a sulphur-crested cockatoo, became an internet sensation for his remarkable dancing skills. Not only does Snowball have an impressive sense of rhythm, but he can also bob his head and tap his feet to the beat of various musical tunes.

  1. Congo the Drumming Gorilla

In a wildlife sanctuary in the UK, Congo, a Western Lowland gorilla, displayed an extraordinary talent for drumming. He enjoyed sitting at a drum kit and banging out rhythms with enthusiasm, proving that musical abilities can be found even in our closest relatives in the animal kingdom.

  1. Koko the Gorilla and Her Love for the Recorder

Koko the gorilla was well-known for her exceptional ability to communicate with sign language. She also had a penchant for playing the recorder. Her charming renditions of simple melodies on this wind instrument captured the hearts of many.

  1. Hoover the Beatboxing Seal

Hoover, a harbor seal at the New England Aquarium, has made headlines for his unique ability to mimic human sounds, including beatboxing. His rhythmic underwater vocalizations have left visitors amazed by his beatboxing skills.

  1. Shanti the Elephant’s Harmonica Serenades

Shanti, an Asian elephant living in a sanctuary in Thailand, discovered a love for playing the harmonica. She can produce melodious tunes by blowing air through the harmonica’s reeds with her trunk, showcasing the intelligence and dexterity of these majestic creatures.

  1. The Musical Whales and Dolphins

Various species of whales and dolphins are known for their complex vocalizations, often resembling musical compositions. Humpback whales, in particular, are famous for their haunting songs, which are considered one of the most complex vocal displays in the animal kingdom.

  1. Chaser the Border Collie’s Piano Prowess

Chaser, a Border Collie, became famous for her extensive vocabulary and understanding of human language. Her owner also taught her to play the piano by pawing the keys to create simple melodies.

  1. Siri the Kitten’s Keyboard Capers

Siri, an adorable kitten, gained internet fame with her playful antics on a miniature piano keyboard. Her tiny paws dancing across the keys demonstrated an innate curiosity and playfulness shared by many animals.


The musical abilities of animals continue to captivate and inspire us, proving that nature is filled with surprises and talents beyond our imagination. Whether it’s a dancing cockatoo or a drumming gorilla, these remarkable creatures remind us of the beauty and diversity of the animal kingdom. While they may not perform symphonies or concertos, their musical talents add an extra layer of wonder to our appreciation of the natural world.

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