Blink Outdoor 4 vs. Blink Outdoor 3

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When it comes to home security, outdoor cameras have become an essential tool in keeping your property safe. Two popular options in the market are the Blink Outdoor 4 and Blink Outdoor 3 cameras. Both offer advanced features designed to provide you with peace of mind, but they do have their differences. In this comparison guide, we’ll take a closer look at the Blink Outdoor 4 and Blink Outdoor 3 to help you determine which one suits your needs best.

Blink Outdoor 4: The New Kid on the Block

Key Features:

  1. 4K Ultra HD Video: The Blink Outdoor 4 boasts a 4K Ultra HD video resolution, delivering sharp and clear footage. This enhanced video quality allows you to see more detail in your recordings.
  2. Enhanced Night Vision: With improved infrared night vision, the Blink Outdoor 4 captures clearer nighttime footage, making it an excellent choice for around-the-clock surveillance.
  3. Extended Battery Life: The Outdoor 4 offers a longer battery life compared to its predecessor, so you’ll need to change batteries less frequently, providing more convenience.
  4. Two-Way Audio: Communicate with visitors or potential intruders through the built-in two-way audio feature, a valuable tool for remote monitoring and security.
  5. Advanced Motion Detection: This camera utilizes advanced motion detection technology to reduce false alarms, ensuring you’re alerted only when it matters.

Blink Outdoor 3: A Trusted Choice

Key Features:

  1. HD Video Quality: The Blink Outdoor 3 offers high-definition video quality, which is still impressive for outdoor security cameras. It provides clear visuals during daylight.
  2. Night Vision: While not as advanced as the Blink Outdoor 4, the Outdoor 3’s night vision is sufficient for capturing footage in low-light conditions.
  3. Standard Battery Life: The Outdoor 3 provides a standard battery life, which is decent for most users. It’s easy to replace the batteries when needed.
  4. Two-Way Audio: Like its successor, the Outdoor 3 also includes two-way audio for communication purposes.
  5. Motion Detection: The motion detection on the Outdoor 3 is reliable, alerting you to any movement in its field of view.

Which One Is Right for You?

Choosing between the Blink Outdoor 4 and Blink Outdoor 3 depends on your specific requirements and budget. Here are some considerations:

  • Video Quality: If you prioritize high-resolution video and enhanced night vision, the Blink Outdoor 4 is the superior choice.
  • Budget: The Outdoor 3 is a more budget-friendly option, offering reliable performance without the bells and whistles of the Outdoor 4.
  • Battery Life: If you want longer battery life to reduce maintenance, the Blink Outdoor 4 is the winner in this category.
  • Basic Surveillance: For basic surveillance needs, the Blink Outdoor 3 is still a solid option, providing good video quality and essential features.


Both the Blink Outdoor 4 and Blink Outdoor 3 offer valuable features for outdoor security. The choice ultimately comes down to your specific needs and budget. If you desire the latest technology and superior video quality, the Blink Outdoor 4 is the way to go. However, if you’re looking for a more budget-friendly option that still provides reliable security, the Blink Outdoor 3 won’t disappoint. Whichever model you choose, you’ll be taking a significant step toward enhancing the security of your home.

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