Fresas Con Crema (Strawberries & Cream)

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Fresas Con Crema, strawberries and cream, is humble yet striking. With only five ingredients, it’s the simplest dessert, but the flavors blend well.

Strawberry-topped fresas con crema.
Authentic Mexican fresas with crema recipe.
The best Fresas Con Crema recipe ever! With a creamy filling, juicy strawberries, and whipped cream. Most “antojitos” (street snacks or appetizers) and ice cream parlors serve this wonderful Mexican delicacy.

Mexico loves creamy treats! I also have Arroz Con Leche, Mexican Fruit Salad, Tres Leches cake, Flan, Gelatina De Mosaico, and Dulce De Leche Popsicles. Let me demonstrate!

This recipe’s appeal
This simple dessert is perfect for novices.
No-bake dessert! It’s a refreshing summer delight.
Ideal for a fiesta—make a big batch! It’ll please everyone. I promise!

Fresas with crema in a glass cup.
Your next fiesta needs Fresas Con Crema!

Ingredients & Substitutions

Without sour cream, make fresas con crema. I prefer alternatives to it in most recipes. Media crema (Mexican table cream) and condensed milk provide the flavor without sour cream.

Fresh strawberries
1 can media crema (substitute Mexican crema or evaporated milk)
sweetened condensed milk
1 cup nonfat Greek yogurt, plain yogurt, or Crème fraîche.
Vanilla essence
Pink fresas with crema! Add a few drops of pink artificial food coloring or strawberries to your crema before combining.
Cream cheese replaces Greek yogurt. This recipe may prefer a denser texture. So good!
Sweeten dessert with additional sugar.

Recipe ingredients on a blue board.
5-ingredient fresas with crema.

Fresas Con Crema Recipe

Step 1. Blend condensed milk, media crema, Greek yogurt, and vanilla extract.
Step 2. Blend everything. Scrape the sides with a spatula to mix all ingredients. Milkshake-like cream concoction.
Step 3. Pour into a mixing basin and refrigerate.
Blender glass of crema.
Blender cream into a big bowl.

Step 4. Cut the berries in half, quarters, rounds, cubes, etc. No rules!
Step 5. Gently incorporate cut strawberries into the reserved crema mixture.
Strawberry slicing.
Pouring strawberries and cream into a bowl.
Strawberries, cream, and a big spoon.
Step 6. Refrigerate for several hours to infuse the cream with strawberries. This dessert tastes great chilled!

Strawberry with cream in a glass.
Eat now! Enjoy in bowls or glasses!

For a stress-free dessert at a party, make this a day ahead.

Strawberry, cream, and spoon in three small glasses.
Fresas with Mexican cream. Deliciosa!
A tiny glass of fresas con crema with fresh strawberries and oats.

Serving ideas

This light, fresh dessert goes well with Mexican food! These suggestions can make it more fun.

Add granola.
Chia seeds.
Add raspberries, blueberries, sliced peaches, or bananas.
Whipped cream on top.
Favorite nuts.
Make paletas!
Chef hat.
Perfect Fresas Con Crema
Cool stuff! Before creating the dish, refrigerate the cans and strawberries.
Strawberry picking: The best strawberries are bright red, shiny, and have fresh green crowns. Refrigerate and wash your berries before serving.
Rinsing strawberries: Rinse berries in lukewarm water without removing stems. Blot or air-dry them using a paper towel.


Table cream or heavy cream?

Table cream, a low-fat cream, makes savory and sweet meals creamy and delightful. Heavy cream has 36% milk fat. Homogenized, pasteurized, or ultra-pasteurized.

What can replace Mexican crema?

Plain Greek yogurt or crème fraîche are good alternatives.

Fresas con crema: how long?

Refrigerate tightly for up to 4 days.

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