Los Angeles Dodgers Who Won’t Be Back in 2024

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As the dust settles on the 2023 baseball season, fans of the Los Angeles Dodgers find themselves grappling with the reality that some familiar faces won’t be returning in 2024. Baseball is a business, and roster changes are inevitable. In this blog post, we’ll take a closer look at the players who have bid farewell to Dodger blue, leaving an indelible mark on the team’s recent successes.

  1. Clayton Kershaw: The End of an Era

One of the most significant departures from the Dodgers is the legendary pitcher Clayton Kershaw. After 14 seasons with the team, Kershaw has become synonymous with excellence on the mound. However, as injuries took their toll and the inevitable passage of time set in, the Dodgers faced the difficult decision not to renew his contract. Dodgers fans will forever cherish Kershaw’s contributions to the team, including his pivotal role in the 2020 World Series victory.

  1. Corey Seager: A Shortstop No More

The departure of Corey Seager, a key figure in the Dodgers’ infield, marks a significant shift for the team. After seven seasons as the Dodgers’ shortstop, Seager signed with a new team in free agency. His powerful bat and defensive prowess were integral to the team’s success, particularly during postseason runs. Dodger faithfuls will undoubtedly miss Seager’s smooth plays and clutch hits in crucial moments.

  1. Kenley Jansen: The End of the Ninth Inning Era

Closing games for the Dodgers for over a decade, Kenley Jansen has been a dominant force in the bullpen. However, the Dodgers opted not to extend his contract, signaling the end of an era for the closer. Jansen’s impact on the team goes beyond statistics; his leadership in high-pressure situations and his dedication to the Dodgers’ success will be sorely missed in the bullpen.

  1. Joe Kelly: The Flamethrower Reliever

Known for his fiery personality and even more scorching fastballs, Joe Kelly was a fan favorite in the Dodgers’ bullpen. However, the team decided not to bring back the hard-throwing right-hander for the 2024 season. Kelly’s memorable performances, highlighted by his instrumental role in the 2020 World Series, will be remembered by fans as they bid him farewell.


As the Los Angeles Dodgers usher in a new era, the departure of these key players signifies the inevitability of change in professional sports. While fans may feel a tinge of sadness saying goodbye to familiar faces, they can take solace in the memories and successes these players brought to Dodger Stadium. The 2024 season promises new challenges and opportunities for both the departing players and the team as a whole. Dodgers fans can only hope that the next chapter will be as exciting and successful as the last.

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