Strawberry Chocolate Bars Recipe

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Recipe by chandini • july 19

Chocolate and strawberry are a popular match. Bakers enjoy dark chocolate and tart strawberries.

Today, I present a strawberry-flavored chocolate bar.

The bars contain an oat and hazelnut flour biscuit base. Nutella and coconut oil flavor it. Strawberry-flavored dark chocolate ganache covers the base.

Tempting, right?

Chocolate Strawberry Bar Key Ingredients:

Oats flour– oats flour is a gluten-free flour. It adds a crumbly texture to the base and a unique flavour as well.

Hazelnut flour-this one is again a gluten-free flour. Using these flours helps in reducing the overall gluten level in the dough. When the gluten level is low, the gluten network (which is responsible for chewy texture) is down. Hence this makes the baseless chewy and crumbly.

Coconut oil-unlike regular fat butter, I have used coconut oil in this recipe. This oil will help add coconut flavour and the fat needed for it to be crumbly. Also, it makes for a vegan option.

Nutella and cocoa powder-adding chocolate and hazelnut flavour in the best form is by using Nutella and natural cocoa powder.

Fresh strawberries – what better way to add strawberry flavour than using fresh strawberries?! Skipping the strawberry essence, it’s best to incorporate fresh strawberries whenever in season.

Fresh strawberries—what better way to impart strawberry flavor? In season, use fresh strawberries instead of strawberry essence.

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Easy Chocolate Strawberry Bar Recipe — Truffle Nation

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The chocolate bar features an oats-hazelnut biscuit foundation. Nutella and coconut oil flavor it. Strawberry-flavored dark chocolate ganache covers the base.

65–70 minutes
9 servings

Base Ingredients:

250g Dark couverture
125g Fresh cream
Garnish: 125 g Strawberries

15 g All-purpose flour 75 g Oat flour 75 g Hazelnut flour 25 g Coconut oil 85 g Nutella 17 g Natural cocoa powder
Chocolate Strawberry Ganache: 1/8 tsp Salt

50g Melted Dark Chocolate
9 Strawberry halves
Gear Needed

Measuring cups and spoons
Digital Scales
Bowls, spoons
Spatula Sieve
Square cling wrap 6″
Butter paper
Baking tray
Piping bags
Heat gun
Cook Mode Avoid screen darkness.

Base method

Preheat the oven to 180C (otg mode: upper rod+lower rod+fan). Double-cling a 6-inch square ring from the bottom. Oil the bottom and sides of the ring and insert butter paper.
Sieve cocoa powder, hazelnut flour, oats flour, all-purpose flour, and salt in a bowl.
Now, Mix Nutella and coconut oil in another bowl. Add to dry ingredients.
Mix this into dough.
Transfer the dough ingredients to the ring and bake for 10–15 minutes at 180C (otg mode: upper rod+ lower rod+ fan).
Let the ring cool for a few minutes after baking. Refrigerate it for an hour.
Ganache method

Chop and microwave dark couverture chocolate.
Warm fresh cream and blend with melting chocolate.
Add sliced strawberries last. Blend everything.

Spread chocolate strawberry ganache on chilled foundation.
Refrigerate overnight or freeze for 30-40 minutes to harden the ganache.
De-mold the dessert and divide it into nine equal pieces. Sprinkle melted chocolate and half-sliced strawberries on each.
Notes Fill the ring evenly with dough. This ensures a flat bottom.

Dutch cocoa powder has a stronger chocolate flavor than natural cocoa powder.

Compound chocolate can substitute couverture chocolate in equal amounts.

If fresh strawberries are unavailable, use frozen.

Notes :

Spread the dough into the ring nicely and evenly. This will ensure it doesn’t have an uneven surface or bottom.

You can use Dutch cocoa powder instead of natural cocoa powder if you want a more intense chocolate flavour.

You can replace couverture chocolate with compound chocolate in the same quantity.

In case fresh strawberries are not available, you can use frozen strawberries.

Use a warm knife to cut even pieces with sharp edges.

Refrigerate the chocolate bar when not consuming.

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Q1. What additional fruit can I add to the ganache?

You can use any chocolate-friendly fruit or berry. mangoes, blueberries, and raspberries.

Q2. How long does the chocolate strawberry bar last?

Ans. It lasts 3-4 days in the fridge.
Almond flour can substitute hazelnut flour.
Ans. Almond flour can be used in the foundation recipe in the same amount.
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