The 10 Best Dog Hairstyles

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We love our furry friends for their unconditional love, boundless energy, and, of course, their adorable looks. While most dogs come with their own built-in, fabulous fur coats, it can be fun to experiment with different dog hairstyles to give them a fresh and stylish look. From playful pigtails to sophisticated top knots, there are countless ways to transform your pup’s appearance. In this blog post, we’ll explore the 10 best dog hairstyles that will help your canine companion stand out in the dog park.

  1. The Classic Top Knot

The top knot is a timeless doggy ‘do that can make any breed look extra classy. This style involves gathering the hair on your dog’s head and tying it into a small bun or ponytail at the crown. It’s perfect for long-haired breeds like Yorkshire Terriers or Shih Tzus.

  1. Adorable Pigtails

Pigtails are the epitome of cuteness. For dogs with longer hair, part their fur down the middle and create two small ponytails on each side of their head. This fun and playful style is perfect for a day of frolicking in the yard.

  1. The Mohawk

Give your pup some rockstar flair with a canine mohawk. Shave or trim the fur on the sides of the head and leave a strip down the middle to create the iconic punk-inspired look. This style is perfect for dogs with shorter coats and a rebellious attitude.

  1. The Doggie Bowtie

For a more sophisticated look, try attaching a small, stylish bowtie to your dog’s collar. It’s a simple and elegant way to add a touch of class to your dog’s appearance without needing to alter their fur.

  1. The Furry Unicorn

Transform your dog into a magical unicorn by creating a horn-like point with their hair at the top of their head. Add some colorful, washable hair dye for a whimsical touch. This look is sure to turn heads and bring smiles wherever you go.

  1. The Beachy Waves

If your pup has wavy or curly hair, why not let those natural waves shine? A beachy, tousled look is effortlessly chic and suits breeds like the Poodle or Bichon Frise. It’s a low-maintenance style that exudes charm.

  1. The Pom-Pom Paws

For dogs with furry feet, try giving them a pom-pom makeover. Trim the fur on their paws into small, round shapes, similar to the look of cheerleader pom-poms. This unique style will have your dog bouncing with delight.

  1. Braided Beauty

Braids aren’t just for humans. You can give your dog a stunning makeover by creating small braids on the sides or back of their head. This look adds an extra layer of personality and style to their appearance.

  1. The Princess Tiara

Treat your dog like royalty by adorning them with a tiny tiara. This accessory works well for special occasions and makes your canine companion feel like the prince or princess they truly are.

  1. The Natural Elegance

Sometimes, the best dog hairstyle is the one your dog was born with. Embrace their natural beauty and keep their fur well-groomed, healthy, and shiny. A little brushing and conditioning can go a long way in enhancing their already stunning appearance.


When it comes to dog hairstyles, the options are as diverse as the breeds themselves. Whether you want to add a touch of flair to your pup’s appearance or simply celebrate their natural beauty, there’s a dog hairstyle for every occasion. Just remember that while these styles can be fun and cute, your dog’s comfort and well-being should always come first. Always use pet-friendly grooming products and consult with a professional groomer for more intricate styles to ensure your dog looks and feels their best. So, pick a style, grab your grooming tools, and unleash your pup’s inner diva!

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