5 Marvel Characters Sasha Calle From The Flash Would Be Ideal For

Even if it was not the box office smash that Warner Bros. had anticipated for, and the CGI was, to put it mildly, lacking, I still have a lot of positive things to say about The Flash. 

 The one thing that pleasantly surprised me the most was Sasha Calle's portrayal as a version of Supergirl from another part of the DC Multiverse, which has me wanting to see her in the Marvel Multiverse one day.

Since she just made her cinematic debut in a DC Comics adaptation, it may seem premature to speculate about the Colombian-American actor's Marvel movie future. 

However, her history-making, Latina version of the Kryptonian hero may not fit into the current DC movie universe, which includes a solo Supergirl film. 

I gave Kevin Feige and company some Marvel characters Calle could be a good fit for, starting with one she might recognize.

Many Marvel heroes share Superman's powers and origins. Sentry, a former meth addict, snuck into a science lab, drank an unusual serum, and became a powerful hero despite his self-destructive alter ego, the Void. 

He even has his own version of Supergirl, who likewise comes from an alternate dimension.

Doctor Strange developed "Sentry World" in his head to help Sentry contain the Void. Jenny, his formidable female companion, was known as "Sentress" when fighting crime. 

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