7 ways EA's Black Panther game may maximize comics.

Last month, EA and Marvel launched Black Panther's first video game.

 Black Panther didn't debut in video games until 2006's Marvel's Ultimate Alliance, which is unexpected given his comics durability.

 Since then, T’Challa has played supporting roles in games. 

 This solo game has potential. Kevin Stephens, a former Monolith Productions studio leader, leads Cliffhanger Games, EA's new Black Panther company. 

Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War were Monolith's best Lord of the Rings games. 

If Black Panther is even close to those games, it will be awesome.

However, Black Panther must avoid the mistakes of T’Challa's last AAA game, Marvel's Avengers. 

 Gamers and comic book aficionados should like Black Panther. 

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