77-Year-Old Dolly Parton Dies What'sThe Truth?

– Rumors started in June 2023 that country superstar Dolly Parton had died at the age of 77, causing concern among fans. – – 

– Dolly Parton has mentioned that she doesn't plan to retire and hopes to continue working until she passes away, possibly on stage. – – 

– Snopes clarified that the rumors of Dolly Parton's death were false, confirming that she is alive and well. – – 

– The rumors might have been triggered by the actual passing of Cynthia Weil, Dolly's top songwriter, who died at the age of 82 in June 2023. – – 

– Dolly expressed her sadness on social media regarding Cynthia Weil's death, which led to some confusion as people saw the word "dead" along with a picture of Dolly, assuming the worst. – – 

– Dolly Parton clarified that she was alive and shared her gratitude for Cynthia Weil's contributions to her career. – – 

– The rumors about Dolly Parton's death were proven false, and she remains active in her career and life.– 

One reason that these rumors might have started is that Dolly’s top songwriter did actually die. Cynthia Weil died at the age of 82 back in June of 2023 when the rumors that Dolly died were going strong. You can see who she was below and why this may have started the Dolly rumors.–