A woman paid $1,400 for Taylor Swift Eras tour tickets. Then StubHub told her the tickets didn't exist.

– Resellers are taking advantage of Taylor Swift fans seeking tickets for the Eras Tour, causing frustration and financial loss.

– A woman paid $1,400 for tickets through StubHub that turned out to be nonexistent and struggled to receive a refund.

– Taylor Swift fans have faced previous ticketing issues on sites like StubHub.

– One woman's case highlighted the struggle to get a refund despite StubHub's Fan Protect Guarantee promising a full refund plus 200% of the ticket price for deceived buyers.

– StubHub faced criticism as fans tried to purchase tickets through the platform only to be told the tickets were not available.

– After media intervention, StubHub offered the woman a refund, but the extent of the problem remains unclear.

– Representatives for StubHub and Taylor Swift have not provided immediate comments on the issue.

– Some fans paid high prices through resellers to secure tickets for sold-out shows, but not all are satisfied with the exorbitant prices and the behavior of resellers.