Barbie coffins: can anyone stop them?

– The Barbie movie has broken numerous records, including being one of the top 100 highest-grossing films of all time, having the biggest opening of the year, the biggest opening of any Warner Bros film ever, and being the highest-grossing film made by a female director.

– The Alpha and Omega Funeral Home in El Salvador started selling hot pink Barbie-themed coffins, leading to a surge in inquiries and stock running out.

– Funeraría Olivares in Ecuador gained attention for its "Barbie House" coffin, which was featured on TikTok with the slogan "so you can rest like a Barbie."

– The popularity of Barbie-themed coffins contrasts with the reality that Barbies are often subjected to rough play by children.

– Novelty coffins, such as those decorated with Batman, Ghostbusters, or Star Wars themes, show people's desire for unique funeral choices.

– The article reflects on the potential risks of choosing a Barbie-themed coffin too early, considering potential changes in Barbie's legacy due to sequels or shifts in the franchise's direction.

– While the author doesn't judge personal choices for after-death arrangements, they suggest the idea of a Ken-themed coffin and offer humorous suggestions for its design.

– The article humorously explores the concept of Ken-themed funerals and the challenges of designing such a coffin.

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