Charles Vandervaart hints Jamie and William's midseason reunion: It's complicated

– There won't be a new episode of "Outlander" this week; the midseason finale is scheduled to air on August 11. – 

– Charles Vandervaart, who plays William Ransom, spoke to Insider about the possibility of a reunion between his character and Jamie Fraser (played by Sam Heughan) at the Second Battle of Saratoga. – 

– The recent episode depicted both Jamie and William preparing for the first Battle of Saratoga in September 1777, a pivotal event in America's struggle for independence. – 

– Vandervaart teased the complexity of a father-son reunion on the battlefield, as they are on opposite sides of the conflict. – 

– William is unaware of his true parentage and lacks understanding about the violence of war, making his perspective quite naive. – 

– Throughout the season, William has encountered various members of the Fraser family, including Brianna, Young Ian, and Claire, without realizing their familial connection. – 

– The interactions between William and the other Frasers are tense due to the characters' knowledge of his true lineage. – 

– It remains uncertain if and when William will learn about his real father, but the question of how Jamie and William will navigate their battlefield confrontation is of great interest.