Diablo 4's hardest boss won't get a health boost.

Diablo 4's August 8 patch boosts boss health. Diablo 4 worldwide community development director Adam Fletcher clarified that Lilith's story and Uber versions will not receive a health boost like the rest of the bosses.

Uber Lilith grinders will love this. The tale version of Lilith isn't too difficult for Diablo 4 players, but the Uber version can be difficult depending on your character build.

However, a Diablo 4 player killed Uber Lilith in under a minute, so who knows if Uber Lilith's unchanging health will matter to some gamers. 

However, all bosses over level 60 are receiving health buffs. 

Bosses at 60 and below stay unaffected, however bosses at 80, 100, 120, and 150 will receive 50%, 100%, 120%, and 150% health boosts, respectively.

In the upcoming patch, bosses beyond level 35 will always drop Legendary items. 

Players should be excited about a guaranteed Legendary drop at a low level as Diablo 4 doesn't require half a lifetime to reach level 35.

Lilith won't be getting a buff to her health in Diablo 4 patch 1.1.0.use.

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