Disappointing Fans, Keanu Reeves Says His Favorite Stunt isn't in John Wick but Another $467M Movie

Throughout his career, action hero Keanu Reeves has been in a number of classic movies.

It is challenging to choose one of his best action movies because of the length of the list of his action movies. Reeves is certain about his favorite action movie, though.

In a previous interview with BuzzFeed Celeb, the actor discussed his favorite stunt. Surprisingly, it isn't from his well-known movie, John Wick.

There's a reason why Keanu Reeves is regarded as an action superstar.

In addition to his excellent acting abilities, the actor is well known for his stunning stunt work.

And strangely, he does his own stunts whenever necessary.

It is difficult for Reeves' fans to pick just one amazing action movie out of the numerous that he has starred in throughout his career.

In the most recent installment of John Wick, the actor gave a terrific performance.

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