"Faster Than Fear": Superman Just Proved He Can Beat Green Lantern in 1 Move

Scenario: Jon Kent faces a corrupted version of the Justice League from the Injustice universe.

Powerful Jon Kent: Jon taps into his full power, removing the Yellow Lantern ring from Hal Jordan, showing he's stronger than fear.

Superman's Qualities: Jon embodies Superman's traits like compassion, empathy, and facing fear to defeat corrupted Superman and aid others.

Challenging Role: Jon, as Superman, tackles significant challenges, including saving versions of his father Clark Kent across different universes.

Personal Battle: Jon's latest fight is personal, as he tries to rescue Clark Kent from his corrupted self, including defeating him if necessary.

Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent #6: In this comic by Tom Taylor, Jon confronts an Injustice universe Superman who rules ruthlessly.

Overcoming Challenges: Jon uses his knowledge and power to confront and defeat the corrupted Justice League, including a Yellow Lantern Hal Jordan.

Disarming Hal Jordan: Before Hal can use fear, Jon swiftly removes his Yellow Lantern ring, beating fear itself.