Is Netflix's Painkiller true? The real-life events that inspired Netflix's compelling new series Painkiller have people obsessed.

Netflix premiered Painkiller, starring Uzo Aduba and Matthew Broderick. 

The show is a 'fictionalized telling of real events, explores some of the genesis and aftermath of the opioid problem in America, showcasing the stories of offenders.

Painkiller is based on Purdue Pharma. The business closed in 2021, although descendants of Mortimer and Raymond Sackler owned it.

Because of its widespread OxyContin distribution, this corporation was blamed for the opioid epidemic.

The plot is based on a New Yorker article about the Sackler family's involvement in mass-producing and distributing painkillers.

In 2017, Patrick Radden Keefe published The Family That Built an Empire of Pain, an investigative report.

The six-part series was inspired by Barry Meier's 2018 book Pain Killer

Barry Meier was the first to write about the Sackler family, their role in this devastating epidemic.

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