Ja Morant shows off two enormous Kobe Bryant tattoos!

Miami, Florida — Memphis Grizzlies player Ja Morant is making waves again, but this time for a more positive reason: a gigantic full-back tattoo of none other than Kobe Bryant.

Months after leaving a cryptic parting note on Instagram, NBA player Ja Morant came down to Miami for what could be his greatest ink trip yet: two gigantic Kobe Bryant memorials.

Over a ten-hour period, Onder Ink assisted him in getting there by working on a full-back tattoo including two Kobe Bryant tributes. 

Morant's life and work are also mentioned in the piece.

Ja Morant has Bryant's jersey number, 24, inscribed on his lower back.

 Furthermore, the word "Mentality" appears, a clear reference to the Lakers legend's "Mamba Mentality."

Andres Ortega, the tattoo artist who inked Ja Morant, posted the work on Instagram with the description "Back tattoo n front on Jamorant."

Morant is no stranger to squabbles. He was suspended by the Grizzlies in May after uploading multiple gun videos on social media, and that episode is clearly still fresh in the minds of some fans.

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