Jackie Chan Was Annoyed by Rival Jet Li's Selfish Refusal to Work Together.

Jackie Chan's global fame is unmatched. Action comedies and Hollywood blockbusters have made the martial artist famous. 

 The Hong Kong actor's 150-film career affected generations of popular culture.

The famous global celebrity has worked with famous celebrities and entertainment icons. Chan and Jet Li were one such pair.

Several obstacles kept them from joining forces for years. 

 Before the public could see their on-screen magic, a past incident had soured relations between the two.

Fans of both stars had long awaited a collaboration. Despite their decades-long friendship, the two artists were unable to create a project that showcased their on-screen chemistry. 

 Jackie Chan told MTV News that he tried to collaborate with Jet Li, but circumstances prevented it:

We tried to make a movie together 20 years ago. I called him, we sat and talked, and he agreed.

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