John Wick 5's Producer Says 'the Story Isn't There Yet'

While John Wick 4 may have felt like the end of the Keanu Reeves character, John Wick 5 is in development.

During a Lionsgate earnings call in May, motion picture group chair Joe Drake informed investors it was in early development.

Producer Basil Iwanyk gave IGN an exclusive peek of upcoming John Wick prequel The Continental, revealing its current creative stage.

“John Wick 4 was embraced enough by critics and the audience that it's kind of an organic and natural next step to do John Wick 5,” he says.

“It's in development, but the story isn't there yet. Until the story's there... We're figuring it out. But we haven't decided on that movie's appearance or feel.”

The writers' strike in Hollywood prevents any growth from happening.

Following the lawsuit, the claim that Beyoncé had changed the name of Lizzo in the remix and erased mentions of Lizzo from it became a meme on Twitter.

Drake said Lionsgate may consider another sequel after John Wick: Chapter 4's success.

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