Marvel's Next Big Villain Can Break The Worst MCU Villain Trend

Galactus, the world-eating evil, could break a Marvel villain trend if the Fantastic Four ultimately joins the MCU. 

Galactus is the largest threat to Earth since a Celestial tried to break through the crust, but nobody seems to care

In 1966's The Fantastic Four #48, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby invented Galactus, an unparalleled supervillain. 

Lee and Kirby made him a God, removing morals and making him hungry to escape another supervillain who wanted to take the world. 

Marvel Studios prefers complicated villains who challenge morals.

The Flag Smashers, Clandestines, and Secret Invasion's disappointed Skrulls rebelled against the world order for their own survival. 

While that may have deepened their tales, it's no wonder they're some of the MCU's weakest antagonists. 

Galactus' disdain for morals is Marvel's solution.

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