Netflix's most-watched Oscar-winning thriller.

Netflix's Oscar-winning best foreign picture shines again after a time. Check out the most-watched thriller here...

Netflix has multiple Oscar-nominated and Oscar-winning films, including several of their own. One is trending again.

Based on Erich Maria Remarque's 1929 novel, it was a popular 2022 remake marketed as an epic anti-war film. 

 The third novel adaption. The film, directed by Edward Berger, won four Academy Awards and received 81 nominations. See the title...

Erich Maria Remarque's story changed with All Quiet on the Western Front, which won the Oscar for Best International Feature Film (Germany) in 2023.

Paul Baumer and his buddies Albert and Muller join the German army out of romantic notions of valor. 

 The boys enthusiastically march off to fight. They encounter World War I's brutality on the western front.

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