‘No $0.01’: 7-Eleven sells $3 Aquafina crates. Still unpopular.

An apparently detested water brand is Aquafina. The Pepsi-owned bottled water brand, like Dasani.

Is frequently criticized for having what some describe an unpleasant flavor, which is allegedly brought on by the reverse osmosis purification method.

As a result, a number of people have complained that the brand has a "bad taste and smell to it," which may be due to the water's "slightly acidic" pH level.

Many people are sensitive to the taste of this acidity, which may be why many people want to spit after just a small sip of Aquafina.

So it's not surprising that a TikTok video depicting a massive 7-Eleven Aquafina water liquidation had a ton of users filling the comments area.

The video was uploaded to TikTok by Clay (@claytonandersoncomedy), who demonstrates how the convenience store was selling entire crates of the product for $3 each.

One text overlay in the video reads, "Well this is new," and another continues, "07:11 is selling whole crate of Aquafina for 3 bucks."

Many reviewers, including Clay, stated that they would only have bought the water if the crate was included.

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