Royal Soldier Nods at Miniature Boy: Watch

Frank, a little boy, has been posting videos of himself dressing up as and interacting with guards since April.

On TikTok, a King's Guard in London is being praised for recognizing a young boy for making a smart costume choice.

A video that went popular on the platform earlier this week shows Frank, a little boy who enjoys dressing up as the soldiers that guard Buckingham Palace and St.

James's Palace in scarlet tunics and bearskins, while he waited outside a gated area to salute them.

The young man is then seen being passed by a group of guards, who are typically stern in demeanor and not known to distract their focus.

Even while not everyone acknowledged Frank, one guard playing a trombone appeared to exchange a polite hello.

With him, and another guard at the back gave him a charming nod, which Frank delightedly mimicked.

Frank then turned to face the cameraman at the conclusion of the film and grinned broadly, giving the encounter a thumbs-up.

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