Surprising 2020 Thriller Film Leads Netflix Top Ten

An inflow of new movies at the beginning of the month has caused significant changes in Netflix's movie rankings. 

Several films were added to the streaming service's repertoire in early August, and they have already begun to make an impression.

Unsurprisingly, two Fast & Furious flicks and Despicable Me 2 appear on Sunday's Netflix Top 10 Movies list. 

The greatest surprise at the start of the week comes at the top of the list, where a little-known thriller from 2020 has soared to the top.

Fatale, a sultry thriller starring Michael Ealy and Hilary Swank, is now Netflix's most popular film.

The picture takes the top slot on Sunday's Netflix Top 10 Movies list, passing recent originals like Happiness for Beginners and his licensed films like Hidden Strike.

Fatale didn't generate a lot of money at the box office and didn't get many great reviews, but it did find some success on Netflix after being added to the site. 

 The plot revolves around a successful sports agent who becomes entangled in an intricate web of deceit and murder following a one-night encounter.

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