Sweden's Players Make Their Opinion On U.S. Women Extremely Clear

– The U.S. women's national team faced criticism for their performance against Sweden in the Women's World Cup knockout round.

– However, Sweden's players defended the U.S. team and urged against talking negatively about them.

– Despite their loss to Sweden in penalty kicks (5-4), the U.S. women received praise from their opponents for their gameplay.

– Sweden's players expressed confidence that the U.S. team will bounce back effectively.

– While the U.S. women's exit from the World Cup is disappointing, their opponents still hold them in high regard.

– The U.S. team's loss in the first round of the knockout stage doesn't necessarily diminish their potential for a strong comeback in future World Cups.

This was a bad showing for the U.S. women, losing in the first round of the knockout stage, but that doesn't mean they can't rebound in the following World Cup.

The U.S. women fell to Sweden in penalty kicks, 5-4, on Sunday morning. But while the U.S. women are taking some heat back home, their opponent, Sweden, is giving them a lot of praise for how they played.