Target's Brilliant Partnership with America's Favorite Café: Starbucks

TargetTGT +0.1% recently announced the launch of a new service: free curbside delivery of StarbucksSBUX -0.7% orders. 

Customers who place a Drive Up order at Target can add a Starbucks purchase to their order via its contactless curbside service. 

Target and Starbucks' strategy will be very appealing to younger generations who have turned to using mobile devices to order ahead. 

The opportunity to add a Starbucks product to an order was the most requested feature from Target consumers on its Drive Up service.

 The company listened and responded by collaborating with Starbucks as a licensed partner to implement the service.

The new service is in line with Starbucks' Reinvention Plan, a continuous endeavor to increase revenue by improving the customer experience across all retail touchpoints.

A crucial area of focus is increasing digital ease, and the new Target service fits within this goal. 

For almost two decades, Target and Starbucks have had a licensing deal.

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