The Legend of Zelda's Most Endearing Characters

Because of their limitless charisma, a few characters in the Legend of Zelda games steal the show every time they appear on screen.

The Legend of Zelda series' side characters frequently have captivating and distinctive personalities that steal the stage.

 Midna, Malon, and the Happy Mask Salesman stand out for their infectious personality and one-of-a-kind eccentricities.

The series' charismatic villains, such as Ghirahim, provide a humorous and amusing touch, making them engaging and memorable in their own right.

While Link is a silent protagonist, there are plenty of characters in The Legend of Zelda series who are far more emotive and interactive than everyone's favorite hero.

 Alot of the time, these side characters have an endless amount of charisma that makes them incredibly memorable to fans.

This does not only applicable to Link's allies. There are even a few villains who are really fascinating and captivating to watch, even if they are incredibly cruel and ill-intentioned people underlying it all. 

 These are the Legend of Zelda characters who stood out from the crowd because of their infectious charming personalities, allowing them to steal every scene they were in.

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