Trans Swimmer Lia Thomas is So 'Well-Endowed' I had to 'Refrain From Looking,' Says Rival Riley Gaines

– Transgender swimmer Lia Thomas is at the center of controversy in women's sports.

– Female swimmer Riley Gaines alleged discomfort sharing a locker room with Thomas due to her perceived size, likening it to a "6-foot-4 male."

– Thomas transitioned from men's to women's sports at the University of Pennsylvania.

– Gaines tied with Thomas in the 2022 NCAA Championships and became an advocate against biological men competing in women's sports.

– Gaines claimed that competing alongside Thomas was unfair and uncomfortable, with some swimmers allegedly changing in a janitor's closet to avoid Thomas.

– Gaines' views sparked controversy among trans-rights activists who argue for inclusion of trans women in sports.

– Thomas's rankings notably improved after transitioning, becoming a symbol for trans athletes and sparking debates about fairness in women's sports.

– Gaines was allegedly physically confronted after speaking at an event, while other swimmers like Paula Scanlan voiced concerns about competing against transgender athletes.