Yellowstone Star Kelly Reilly Doesn't Always Agree With Taylor Sheridan

Paramount Network's Yellowstone's most popular character, Beth Dutton, is played by Kelly Reilly, who sometimes disagrees with Taylor Sheridan's vision for the Dutton family wildcard. 

In a featurette on Yellowstone Season 5 Part 1's Blu-ray and DVD, Reilly admits that she occasionally wants Beth to have different things than Sheridan does.

"I'm coming to it almost the same as the audience," Reilly told Yahoo! I have character hopes and thoughts.

I've played her for five years, so I know her well, but I'm continuously learning."

"There are still things I read and didn't expect, or sometimes I wish for something else for her, but that's the same as the audience," she said. 

 We all serve the storyteller's vision. What'll happen? That excites me as a performer."

Reilly also said that the last episodes of the fan-favorite series may not be cheerful, but they will be beautiful and magnificent.

Protecting and sustaining our way of life in this land is everything. "We're in Season 5, so who knows what's in store," Reilly added.

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