Yellowstone’s Ryan Bingham announces career update away from hit show

– Ryan Bingham, known for his work in acting and music, announced his latest EP titled 'Watch Out For The Wolf', featuring six new songs, with a release date of August 11. – 

– Yellowstone, a popular TV show, is on hiatus due to a writers' strike, delaying the release of the second part of its fifth and final season. – 

– Fans expressed excitement on social media about Ryan Bingham's upcoming EP. – 

– The writers' strike is also affecting the production of the prequel series "1923" and the development of a Yellowstone spinoff starring Matthew McConaughey. – 

– Paramount confirmed that Yellowstone will end after the final episodes of its fifth season. – 

– Tensions between Kevin Costner (John Dutton actor) and the show's creator, Taylor Sheridan, have been reported. – 

– Kevin Costner's return to the set for the final episodes of Yellowstone's fifth season is uncertain, possibly due to ongoing divorce proceedings. – 

– Legal documents suggest that Costner may spend time with his children in California instead of returning to the filming location for production. –