Zack Snyder's Original Flash Trilogy Would Have Featured A Deadlier Villain.

The SnyderVerse Flash trilogy's major nemesis was the Reverse-Flash, not Andy Muschietti's Dark Flash.

Rick Famuyiwa's Flash movie would have established Zoom as DC's biggest enemy and influenced the Justice League.

Warner Bros. expanded Famuyiwa's Flash movie into a SnyderVerse trilogies.

Flash-Reverse-Flash almost happened! SnyderVerse ambitions for an abandoned Flash trilogy were equally higher.

 Most crucially, Zack Snyder's DC Comics movie would have kept the Dark Flash from becoming the main enemy in Andy Muschietti's The Flash. 

 For better or worse, most of the SnyderVerse DCEU has been abandoned. 

In an alternate scenario, storyboard artist Jay Oliva says Barry Allen (Ezra Miller) would have faced Professor Zoom, the Reverse-Flash, instead of the Dark Flash.

“Rick's [Famuyiwa] movie was setting up Zoom as DC's big bad. 

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