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A Tears of the Kingdom player has replicated in-game weaponry in real life, inspired by rust-free variants found in the Depths.

Sculpted and painted reproductions of several weapons, including the Master Sword and Demise Sword, were uploaded by Reddit user dreadhawk17.

Fellow Redditors reacted with awe and laughter, speculating that the replicas were 3D printed, and the OP disclosed that the endeavor took seven months to complete.

Several in-game weaponry have been reproduced in real life by a player of The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. 

Other players in Tears of the Kingdom have reproduced real-life goods, thus it only makes sense to do the opposite.

In Tears of the Kingdom, the Upheaval spread Gloom across Hyrule, withering most of its equipment.

However, taking these weapons from the ghosts of old explorers in the Depths yields stronger, rust-free versions, which inspired this fan's painting.

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